Sea Burial offers a cost effective alternative to your traditional land burial. Whether it is a loved ones request or the know how of the family. Sea Burial offers Individualized plans from Religion to Military 

Services and everything in between. Sea Burial prides ourselves in meeting the needs of our customers as these services provide a life long lasting memory and a place to pay your respects no matter where you live because all waters meet. Sea Burial continues the respect,dignity and Honor your loved one deserves to there final resting place.

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       Basic Services Starting at $195.00 

Sea Burial is not just a fishing boat that does burials on the side, but instead, a group of professionals whose only business is Sea Burials. In an individualized manner, we continue the respect, dignity and honor your loved one deserves to their final resting place. I believe the Sea Burial is a celebration of life and as all the bodies of water connect, your loved one will always be near. In 2013 my father passed and we performed a Sea Burial with the same dignity and respect that we show for your loved one. Sea Burial presents the next of kin with a certificate showing the date, time, location and longitude and latitude of where the remains were scattered. The remains can be scattered over a shipwreck from many eras of American history. We provide you with a follow-up letter certifying that the remains were provided for properly. We offer Sea Burial sites from New Jersey to Florida, and will continue to add sites to meet special requests. We will customize the Sea Burial to meet your needs and desires. Our prices start at $195.00 for a basic Sea Burial to a $850 Sea Burial in which a diver buries the remains in the sea floor. Attended Sea Burial start from $750.00 and up depending on the size of the groups and location.  Sea Burial offers you the assurance that your loved one will be treated with respect and dignity. We work with all funeral home countrywide.​ All our Sea Burials follow all state and federal regulations including all neccessary paperwork. SeaBurial also takes care of notification to the EPA of disposal. Paperwork will be sent for veterans to receive there plaque at Veterans Memorial Cemetery.Contact us so we can customize any aspect of our ceremony to complement your loved ones wishes from a toast to favorite music and anything else to make this a special celebration of your loved ones life.